postheadericon Inter regional water polo

The West Midlands won the Boys' U14 water polo inter regional title at Walsall Gala Baths.

Entering the competition as a single region for the first time, the West Midland Region came out as winners of Swim England's under 14 boys inter-regional championships held at Walsall on 9th and 10th December 2017.

The team finished second in our group matches held on Saturday but then on Sunday beat London 8 - 6 in the semi-final and beat North East 5 - 1 in the final.

Team Captain Lorcan Halstead said, "It was really exciting to win the tournament. I enjoyed playing with great team mates from across the West Midlands."

Head Coach Gary Tonks added: "I couldn't be prouder. Each and every player played their part which resulted in an all-round brilliant team effort."


Toby Dearden - Hinckley
Jack Dearden - Hinckley
Toby Chilcott - Worcester Crocodiles
Daniel Day - Worcester Crocodiles
Lorcan Halstead - Warley Wasps
Dan Hindle - Solihull
Seth Dewfield - Hinckley/Boldmere
George Glover - Worcester Crocodiles
Charlie Shay - Boldnere
James Pagan - Warwick
Pratham Kaushal - Solihull
Tadhg Perry - HGSOB
Rhys Tippings - Solihull


Gary Tonks - Coach
Ryan Padbury - Assistant Coach
Terri Halstead - Team Manager