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The West Midlands Regional Swim Team headed to Amiens in France to compete at the 9th Trophee National des Hortilons.

West Midlands Team outside Amiens Cathedral

The event took place on 19th, 20th and 21st January 2018.

The team were:


Alexander Hindle                    City of Birmingham
Alicia Dingle                            Royal Wolverhampton School
Amelia Rodd                           Redditch
Ben Cope                                Royal Wolverhampton School
Callum Rushan                       Leek
Charley Jones                         Royal Wolverhampton School
Charlotte Rigg                         City of Birmingham
Ellinor Southward                    Ellesmere College
Helena Mole                            Wolverhampton
Jacob Davies                          City of Birmingham
Jessica McDonough                Ellesmere College
Kane Murcott                          Royal Wolverhampton School
Laura Griffiths                         Leamington
Lauren Cox                             City of Coventry
Leo Karski                               Boldmere
Lily Massey                             Boldmere
Phoebe Townsend                  Oswestry Otters
Samuel Hall                            Worcester
Samuel Osborne                     City of Birmingham
Samuel Neeld                         Wrekin College
William Pettit                           Ellesmere College
Zara Leleux                             Wrekin College


Head Coach                Jon Fletcher                Worcester SC
Assistant Coach          Tim Hastie                  Oswestry Otters
Assistant Coach          Jamie Fowler              City of Birmingham
Team Manager           Hayley Colville            Swim England West Midlands staff

CLICK HERE for the full results from the meet.